Why I believe that Israel has the right to exist

I am a Judeo-Christian, that is I am a Roman Catholic and the roots of my religion stretch back to Judaism in the period in which Jesus Christ who is God the Son, roamed the earth. I believe that the land of Canaan was taken away from the original inhabitants and it was given to the Jews, who remain God’s Chosen People. Over the centuries, the Chosen People have been scattered amongst the Nations because of their wickedness as they have turned away from God. However, many ordinary people in Judea followed Jesus and they converted to the Way, which in turn is known as Christianity. We are forever linked to that earlier form of Judaism, but we are not obliged to follow the stifling precepts of Judaism. Instead we are asked to follow the Law that is inscribed upon our hearts.The Pharisees and Sadducees who rejected Jesus, and plotted to kill Him caused Judea to be punished when the Romans invaded Jerusalem and demolished the Temple of Solomon once and for all. It will never be rebuilt because the animal sacrifices are no longer required. Jesus came to be the Perfect Sacrifice, and He is the Lamb of God. The Sacrifice on the Cross was once and for all. Over the centuries the Jews have been punished over and over again because of their crimes and the hardness of heart. However, this is not true of those Jews who have always been pure of heart and who have faithfully done the Will of God, according to what they believe.

Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and the Christians alike. It does not belong to the Muslims. The Temple Mount is of no significance to the religion of Islam, despite Muslim claims to the contrary. Mohammed was not a prophet of God, for he was an agent of the enemy of God. The same is true for those Shi’ite Muslims who are intent upon the destruction of modern Israel.

Prior to the outbreak of the present hostilities, the leader of Hezbollah made certain threats against the civilians of Lebanon, and against the government of Lebanon. He had stated that all of the Lebanese who were not a part of Hezbollah were tourists, and that Hezbollah were the rightful owners of Lebanon. At the same time, it was reported that the leaders of Iran and Syria met with other Middle Eastern nations and that this meeting was in reality a war cabinet meeting. They had declared what they term a Holy War against all who are not Shi’ite Muslims. However, there is nothing Holy about this war at all. It is an UNHOLY war and the perpetrators are members of Hezbollah.

It is of grave concern that the Lebanese government has proved to be useless with regard to the menace of Hezbollah. Ever since I can remember, the Palestinian and Lebanese terrorists have been making war on Israel. There is nothing new with regard to the hostilities for they are in fact very ancient. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and as such the Lebanaese government should have the guts to declare the members outlaws. However, the Lebanese government lacks the guts to make such a move because they have members who are aligned with Hezbollah. How else could a member of the Lebanese government know that the soldiers that were kidnapped are safe. Why is it that there has been no effort by the Lebanese government to secure the release of these soldiers? I believe that the Lebanese government should be held responsible for the lack of action.

The state of Israel has the right to exist. I admire all that the people of Israel have achieved in such a short time after their return to the land of Israel. They returned to a barren land and through their hard work and ingenuity they were able to create an oasis and return the land to some of its former glory. The Palestinians have always refused to settle in the land that was given to them, and instead of providing for themselves through industrious work, they remained jealous of the Israelis, and desired to take over what had been created. Their very jealousy has led to the hostility that continues in the Middle East.

The acions of Hezbollah and Hamas have destabilized the region. Saudi Arabia continues to call for a ceasefire – I agree that there should be a ceasefire, but not until there has been a deathly blow dealt against Hezbollah and they are no longer a threat to Israeli citizens, or to visitors to Israel. There will not be peace so long as Iran and Syria continue their efforts to keep Hezbollah and Hamas armed. 

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