Iran warns the west: ignore us at your peril

The perpetrators of the current Middle East conflict have issued a warning to the rest of the world: “Ignore us at your own risk“. The Iranians are miffed because they have been excluded from the peace talks in Rome.

Yet, take another look at the attempted deal that the U.K. and the USA are attempting to broker in Rome. They are proposing that Israel must give up land that it took in 1982 from Lebanon. Who are these people kidding with such a proposal?

The issue must remain with focus upon the illegal activity of the Hezbollah in Lebanon. This group is made up of suicidal maniacs who either come from Syria and Iran or they were trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The Hezbollah have always had one stated aim – the wiping of Israel off the face of the map. This is also the stated aim of the present Iranian leadership. The Hezbollah began this current crisis when they kidnapped the Israeli soldiers, after they had gone across the border illegally and killed several other Israeli soldiers. They did not expect the level of retaliation and they are trying to step up the propaganda with their dire warnings against the west.

The moonbats in the press corps and the liberal moonbats who follow blindly anything they are told by revisionists, continue to do the will of “allah”, who is not God, but a figment of Islamic imagination.

The Iranian leadership wants world domination, and they are prepared to use whatever means are available to achieve that end. They have been attempting a divide and conquer action. The liberals all around the world, like the lost sheep of Satan have been all too willing to accept whatever the Iranian leadership says without even blinking.

If the Rome conference is doomed to fail, then it will not be due to the lack of the presence of either Syria or Iran, but it will be due to the dubuious terms of a brokered peace deal that aims to force Israel to relinquish territory that she requires to keep her people secure.

Koffi Annan, the present president of the United Nations is an extremely weak link as far as bringing about a brokered peace plan is concerned. He has been guilty of taking sides with Hezbollah. He speaks like an ignorant man who is very much involved in the widespread Islamic terrorism that we are witnessing in so many parts of the world. His weakness is cause for alarm because no western nation is safe so long as he remains leader of the United Nations.


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