Who is responsible for most terror? Infidelphobes

Yes, there is a new word that we should adopt regarding those who have an unnecessary fear of “Infidels”, and that word is “Infidelphobe”. For too long the jihadists have attempted to stop people telling the truth about their plans to take over the world by proclaiming that anyone who opposes their point of view is an Islamophobe. A man such as Robert Spencer is called an Islamophobe, and a racist. His sites Jihadwatch and DhimmiWatch are classed as hate sites, yet nothing could be further from the truth with regard to what Robert posts onto the site. He posts the truth from press articles that appear daily on the Internet.

The majority of bombings and failed bomb plots are the work of jihadists associated with Al Qaeda. It is useless trying to hide behind the lie that Al Qaeda does not represent true Islam, since nothing could be further from the truth. The Jihadi apologists rely upon the ignorance of a majority of the world’s population. It is how they have been feeding the people in order to get sympathy for their causes. However, when people begin to research the subject for themselves, then they too, come to a different conclusion than the one desired by the Jihadists.

In July we had the extraordinary situation of yet another bomb attempt in London and Glasgow. The perpetrators were all doctors, although one of them was an engineer. This is a rather terrifying situation because we can never know whether the medical profession is to be trusted. Needless to say these doctors forgot about the Hippocratic Oath – I guess that is another sign of the Jihadi.

How can we learn to trust Mohammedans if they continue to remain silent about the violence? It is up to the Mohammedans to clean up their act, and that includes doing something about the demonstrators.


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