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I have more than 30 articles from the Dr. Sanity blog that I have earmarked for further reading. The reason that I like her blog is that she has a way of writing her thoughts in a very clear and sobering fashion.  In this article, Dr. Sanity visits again the reason why we cannot afford to dismiss the threat the is posed by extremist regimes such as that found in Iran and why we should not allow the cry of Islamophobe deter us from telling the truth and getting the message out there.

We should remain ever vigilant that Ahmanutjob’s regime is attempting to acquire nuclear weapon capability. We should remain aware that al-Qaeda have been seeking the means to get hold of a weapon that will cause mass destruction to the USA. We cannot dismiss the fact that North Korea and Syria have been working together to produce nuclear weapons. This is a very sad reality of what we are facing in the 21st century.

I happen to think that Ahmanutjob of Iran is insane. However, it is also clear to me that he has a vision where he sees Iran being instrumental in causing Armageddon, which will then usher in the return of the hidden imam (according to Shiite beliefs). The insanity of this man is matched by the insanity of Hitler. In fact he uses much of the kind of rhetoric that was used by Hitler during the 1930s, and this makes him an extremely dangerous man on the world stage.

The kind of charisma that Ahmanutjob has amongst some of the world’s powers and populations (not so much in Iran as elsewhere) means that there are millions who are willing to follow his lead and they are willing to follow unto the death, including their participation in an Armageddon type event.

A more sobering thought for me though, comes from some of the more recent statements and actions of Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. It seems that now that the cold war is “over” that people have forgotten how to be cautious where communist Russians are concerned. Vladimir Putin is an extremely dangerous man and he has been courting the likes of Ahmanutjob and he has been supplying Russian weapons to Syria and to the Hezbollah, as well as to Al-Qaeda and other enemies of the USA. (The book 1984 was indeed very prophetic on the subject of wars and so called peace).  Keep in mind that the Soviet Union has the nuclear technology capability and that Putin is the kind of person who would willingly either sell or give away that technology in order to harm the western world (not just the USA).


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