Six more members of the Party of Internal struggle arrested

Police seize ‘world jihad’ team –

Muslims pretend that the meaning of “Jihad” is internal struggle. Perhaps for the Sufi Muslims this is true, but not so as far as the six arrested in northern Spain are concerned. The six suspected Islamic militant murder-suicide bidders, have been arrested on suspicion of using the Internet to recruit and plot a “world jihad”. Now this notion of a world jihad does not jive with the belief that jihad means internal struggle. The members of Islam can pretend that this is the meaning, but not according to the Koran and not according to Mohammed. There is no misunderstanding where these 6 are concerned.

“A large part of the activity was carried out on restricted Internet
‘chats’ and forums, which shows that the cell arrested was the first
one detected and dismantled in Spain that promoted ‘world jihad’
through the Internet,” the statement said. Police were searching
the homes of the six suspects and also a butcher shop run by one of
them. Documents and computers were seized, the statement said. Some of the money raised by the group allegedly was sent to Islamic terrorist convicts or suspects in prison, it said.

The alleged ringleader is Abdelkader Ayachine, an Algerian, and his top
aide, Wissan Lotfi, a Moroccan. They were allegedly preaching violent
jihadi ideology to promote an international “holy war,” especially in
Iraq, the statement said. Spain has detained 250 suspected
Islamic terrorists since the Madrid train bombings in 2004 that killed
191 people and wounded more than 1,800 others. Spain’s defense
minister recently told radio network SER. But most of those arrests
have been in Madrid, Barcelona, and coastal areas. A verdict in
the Madrid bombing trial is expected next week. The trial earlier this
year involved 28 defendants, mostly Islamic terrorist suspects.

Last week in Madrid, another terrorism trial began with 30 defendants,
mostly Algerians, charged in what prosecutors said was a failed suicide
truck bombing plot against the National Court in central Madrid.


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