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This is one very ugly bride and terror suspect

In Baghdad, soldiers at a checkpoint stopped what looked like a wedding convoy. The soldiers became suspicious because all of the convoy except the “bride” were male. The suspicions were confirmed when it was discovered that the bride was not … Continue reading

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Hamas will most likely not honour any peace settlement that is brokered by George Bush

The BBC reports that the Islamist movement HAMAS has reportedly stated that Palestinians will not be bound by any decisions taken at this weeks US-backed Middle East Peace talks. Ismail Haniya, the leader of HAMAS in Gaza, who is not … Continue reading

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Those “minority” youths are at it again

BBC NEWS | Europe | French leader plans crisis talks Once again the “minority” youths in France have gone on a rampage of rioting, burning cars and causing mayhem. This time the incident that has sparked the riots was the … Continue reading

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