They say it is unIslamic to hit your wife – but…

Imam Samir Abu Hamza in a lecture given in 2003 stated that under Islamic law men could demand sex with their wives. This is despite an Australian law requiring consent. In a cover up of what is preached within Islam i is now claimed that Islam does not condone either the hitting or raping of their wives. Now it seems that the Imam is trying to cover up his faux pas by claiming what he said was metaphorical.

A statement by the current Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, on this subject is in my opinion very unhelpful. It seems to me that he is extremely ignorant about the real Islam.

Now I will give the benefit of the doubt to Islamics in Australia, that the majority prefer a reformed version of Islam – that is there is an effort to clean up the violence that is allowed in some Islamic countries. However, I cannot accept that Mr. Haset Seli is telling the truth about Islam as it is practiced elsewhere when he says of the Imam:

“His lecture was absolutely ludicrous, unIslamic and highlighted the ignorance of the man”.

On the other hand, in this story I do see some hope for Islamic women in Australia, that they will be subjected to less violence in the future. The hope comes from comments by Sharene Hassan, vice president of the ICV because she is organizing a series of workshops for Victorian imams on the issue of domestic violence.

She says:

“There may be individuals who have interpreted this lecture as condoning violence against women – it’s not the first time we have had this problem, ” she said.

The good news is that imams are meeting to plan workshops to find ways of discouraging domestic violence among their followers.

It seems that there is a discrepancy between the two views expressed – the male says that the women are not treated with violence; the woman says that there have been problems in the past. I prefer to believe sherene Hassan, not the staff member from the mosque in Coburg.


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2 Responses to They say it is unIslamic to hit your wife – but…

  1. Scream Riot! says:

    As an ex-Muslim myself, I was disgraced that such people are still in powerful political positions in a country like Australia that has liberated so many individuals.

    As a now-apostate of Islam, and having done my research, a reformed Islam is just a man-made, cherry-picked version of the Islam that Muhammad created. The Qur’an and hadith (teachings of the Prophet) quite clearly define that men can infact abuse their wives if they refuse sex.

    The idea of marital rape is often justified in the Arab world because of the fact that Muhammad married a 6 year old and had sex with her as soon as she hit puberty. In today’s day and age, that is statutory rape.

    When will people realise that we are living in the 21st century, and such acts cannot be justified, and will not be justified without disregarding basic ethics, basic human rights!

  2. ozzieaussie says:

    Thank-you for affirming that the hadiths and the Qur’an do in fact teach that wife abuse is ok.

    It goes to show that there are a lot of world leaders that have it wrong about true Islam.

    What you say is true, for the moderates have a watered down version of Islam which they pitch at the unsuspecting western useful idiots.

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