Al Qaeda leader demands terror war for Britain and the USA

As is typical of the Al Qaeda leadership, Abu Yahya al-Libi called for a new round of terror for western nations. Now this should not come as a surprise to anyone (except of course for the poor besotted Barack Obama fools who think that it will all go away now that Obama is the president of the USA).

The Al Qaeda leader urged the terror network followers to “rise up like angered lions” whilst declaring: “It is high time that this criminal country, I mean Britain, paid the price of its history”.

The illogic of the statement is that this person is blaming Great Britain because Hamas use civilians as human shields. You see women and children in Islam are really quite dispensable commodities as far as Hamas are concerned. Even so, yes there were many innocent victims, like the daughters of the Palestinian doctor who has always worked for peace. Could it be that his daughters were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were they targeted by Hamas so that they would be in the way of any retaliating fire – after all the doctor is a friend to Israel and speaks Hebrew. (and yes I am being very cynical in the way I am writing this comment)

My heart goes out to Dr. Abuelaish over the loss of his children in such distressing circumstances:

A distraught Dr Abuelaish said the events were the antithesis of everything he had brought up his dead daughters to believe. "I raised my children to work and be soldiers of peace," he said. "I believed medicine could be a bridge for peace between Israelis and Palestinians."

An army spokesman said a preliminary investigation into the incident had found that soldiers in the area of the doctor’s house in the Jabalia Refugee Camp had been returning fire from the source of shooting towards them. The spokesman also noted the Israeli army did its best to avoid civilian casualties, a task made difficult by what he described as an enemy that took shelter in civilian areas.

If anyone is to blame for this man’s loss, then it is the members of Hamas who were using the area as a shield for their terror activities against the state of Israel.


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