He lost his daughters and a niece… share the anguish

An Israeli probe into the death of the three daughters of a Gaza doctor in a recent offensive has concluded that they were kiled by Israeli fire. The Israeli troops had fired shells at what was considered to be “suspicious figures in Dr. Isseldeen Abuelaish’s house, believing they were observers directing sniper fire.

Dr. Izzeldeen Abuelaish is an Israeli trained doctor who is fluent in Hebrew. He denies that there were snipers near his house. It could be that the snipers were indeed hiding nearby, knowing that the doctor was a friend to Israel (this is speculation).

His response to the inquiry shows the good doctor to be a remarkable person:

“We all make mistakes, ad we don’t repeat the.”

He also added ” I have two options – the path of darkness or the path of light. The path of darkness is like choosing all the complications with diseases and depression, but the path of light is to focus on the future of my children. “

Let us pray for the good doctor and his family during their time of sorrow and grief.


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