Libya – the toll of journalists killed by the Daffy Duck goons continues to climb

In the past week 4 journalists who had been held for more than a month by the Libyan goons known as the regime were released. That is good news for them but it was not good news that they were captured and held for so long. Think about this, the group that are accused of being Al Qaeda have been very respectful towards foreign journalists, and none have lost their lives at their hands. (I did see a report about a French citizen who was killed, but then nada, zip, zilch on that particular story – something very fishy went on).

After the release of the journalists there was one South African photographer who had remained missing. Sadly, it has been announced by his family that Anton Hammerl was shot and killed by Daffy goons. He apparently survived the gunshot wounds but they were so bad that he perished through lack of medical treatment.

The toll of journalists captured, possibly tortured, and killed in Libya is climbing. Some of the names that have been released so far are a sad loss. For those who were released there is joy.

My commisserations to the families of the men and women who have lost their lives because of a rabid dictator by the name of Gadhafi.


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