Tunisia more or less confirms Ghanem’s defection

The latest in a series of top members of the Libyan government to defect is the chairman of Libya’s NOC state energy firm. There has been speculation for more than a week that he had defected when he crossed the border into Tunisia.

According to Reuters, this defection has now been confirmed by the Tunisian government:

However, on Monday Tunisian Foreign Minister Mouldi Kefi cast doubt on Tripoli’s assertions over Ghanem, Libya’s delegate to OPEC who is widely respected in the energy industry.

“I believe and I suspect Mr Ghanem just left Libya and that he is not any more working with the Gaddafi regime. Probably that’s why he came to Tunisia,” Kefi said on a visit to Tokyo.

Ghanem was staying in an hotel on a small southern Tunisian island, he told a news conference. But when asked whether Ghanem planned to travel to other countries, Kefi said: “Only God knows what is in Mr Ghanem’s mind.”


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