Distinguishing between the propaganda – NATO vs Libya

NATO is continuing strikes on military targets in Tripoli in an effort to force Moammer Gadhafi from power. The latest strikes hit a military barrack that was clost to the Gadhafi compound. Three residents were struck by missile fragments and died at the scene, and other residents were injured.

Now before anyone gets really excited about the 3 civilian deaths, it is best to look at the reality. Mussa Ibrahim Gadhafi, the Libyan version of Baghdad Bob has made his usual statements decrying the civilian casualties. The barracks were empty of people, and yes it is true that the injuries and deaths were of the civilian population in the area. However, there is a twist to this story. What if the residents had not gone outside when they knew that the strikes had begun?

Another report on the same incident stated that the 3 men who died had gone outside of their homes when they heard the strike begin. They were killed by flying shrapnel. It is not the same as the deaths of the reporters in Misrata where they were directly targeted by Daffy goons when they were struck by missile fragments.  The injured were also residents, but again, these residents were not being targeted. If they went outside when the strikes began, they were acting in an unsafe manner – behaving stupidly is a much more apt description. Many of these same residents have been prepared to use themselves as human shields, and they knew the risks.

Compare that situation to the situation in Misrata where the resident were under a constant barrage of missiles for more than 2 months until the siege finally ended. In one incident, a woman was driving in her car with her 4 children when they were hit by snipers and killed. Many of the residents of Misrata had no real choice in the matter because their houses were raided by Daffy goons. The death toll in Misrata is more than likely over 1000 with thousands more injured.

The same can be said for other regions and towns where there has been a constant barrage of shelling the towns by Daffy goons in places such as Zintan. The numbers of the dead in Zintan is unknown.  Then there are the border towns where Daffy goons have actually crossed over into Tunisia, and then they have started to shell those border towns.  The people have had no say in the matter at all.




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