Libya update

There is not a lot to tell regarding the outcome of current NATO action. However, there are some possible interesting developments (if they are not propaganda).

First of all, France is readying to use attack helicopters in Libya. Britain is also considering the move. This will allow for more precision strikes against Daffy goons.

Second, is the number of countries that are now recognizing the National Transitional Council in Benghazi, either formally or informally. The United States has invited the Benghazi team to open an office in Washington. Jordan is the latest Arab country to give the NTC recognition.

Third, a French newspaper has a rather curious report on Gadhafi. It is hinting that Gadhafi is depressed after the death of his son and grandchildren, and it states that he is sitting around channel surfing the various stations available to him. The most interesting part of the comments is the claim that various members of the Tripoli government have been in contact with Western countries including France. Could it mean that the defections will increase? We will just have to wait and see if the report is accurate.

As to the claims in the report coming out of Tripoli, it is not true that the people in all of those cities are: Islamists, Al Qaeda and thugs. The Libyan regime lies ont he matter make it very difficult for people to accept the truth – that this was a rising different from in Egypt and Tunisia in that what started as a small protest snowballed, and that the nationalists started to show the old Libyan flag. If the NTC finally win the right to run the government of Benghazi then we will probably see Libya go in a different direction.


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