Syria – why we should be protesting the crackdown

I do not care to hear people going on about how these are Muslims and let them kill each other. That kind of attitude goes against the grain because it is un-Christian. I felt the same way about the crackdown in Iran and in Libya. I refuse to judge these people just because their religion is not compatible to my own. The issue here is the brutality of the regime of the country involved. I cannot think of one good reason to turn my back on these people who are being treated with the utmost brutality.

According to this report, the number of Syrians killed by the Asshat regime has climbed to at least 1100 since the protests began. The numbers had been slow at first, but they began to climb steeply once Iran became involved and helped with the crackdown. It is not just adults being killed, it is children, as you will see when you click on the above link. The child in the man’s arms died as a result of his gunshot wounds.

The Syrian Asshat regime has been using some of the same excuses being used by Daffy Duck in Libya. That is the blame is being placed upon “Islamists”, Al Qaeda, thugs etc. However, the reality is very different. The Syrian regime has been using tanks to shell the people in certain regions where there have been protests. Keep in mind that the protesters were unarmed, just like in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. It is the reaction of the regime that is the real issue here.

What should we do? Obviously the Arab League is less inclined to want the UN to interfere in Syria and therefore there has not been the same push as there was against Gadhafi. Asshat had always presented himself as a reformer. However, I guess it boils down to what one understands the word “reform” to mean. For some in Islam that reform means pushing women into faceless burqas and then treating them like shit (but the women do not seem to mind which is crazy). It can also mean a whole lot of other things.

I believe that there should be a much harsher condemnation of the Assad regime. The sanctions being put in place do not go far enough. The Assad regime should in fact be isolated because of the blatant human rights abuses.

A good example of how a government should respond to these protests is to observe what took place in Spain. The young people in Spain began to protest and refused to break up, even though it is illegal to have that form of gathering on the eve of an election. The police watched but did not move against the young people. There has been no violent crackdown so far. This is how it should be. The only arrests should be for those who are violent or who throw things and smash things. There should be no use of weaponry against the protesters. Let them have their right to protest and then see them disperse.

However, in countries such as Iran, Syria and Libya, the people are up against brutal dictators. In Iran the dictator is not the President i.e. Ahmahnutjob, but it is the Grand Pooh-bah Khamenei, who is also an usurper. In Libya the dictator is Gadhafi or as I call him, Daffy Duck, who has been in power since his military coup in the 1960s. He has been extremely brutal over the years and many people have disappeared. Where Libya is concerned Al Qaeda is a fringe group looking for an opportunity, but the main push to get rid of Gadhafi has come from the people. It is the only way to explain why the old national flag has become the symbol of their revolution. In Syria the dissidents are a minority group. None of that should matter though, when civil and human rights are being abused in such a blatant fashion.


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