Egyptian military council keep their promise

This story is a very rare situation. It is extraordinarily difficult to believe any Muslim who would proclaim some of the comments in the article. It seems to be contrary to their Koran, the Hadiths and the Sunnah. However, the story itself is an indication that not everyone in Egypt is a hardliner.

On May 7 bearded Islamists entered St. Mary’s church in Cairo, set fire to it, killed at least one person who was inside the church, and damaged beyond repair several very old icons. The ruling military council determined that those responsible for the damage would be punished and that the church would be restored (which is normally contrary to Islamic decrees with regard to the building and restoration of churches).

At the heart of the story is the fact that the men doing the restoration work are Muslims. One of the men featured in the story has the job of restoring and salvaging the damaged icons (at least those that can be repaired). It is very probable that they do believe their own statements about no difference between a church and a mosque since the majority of Egyptians are still not the hardliners and they are outraged over what had taken place.

Within the story, there is the evidence that the Islamists (Salafists) who raided the church committed murder. A man by the name of Saleh, whose brother was also present and survived, had his throat slashed during the raid. So far I have not seen any indication that those responsible have been charged for the vandalism as well as the murder. 

On the other hand, the people doing the restoration work are doing so with loving hearts, because they do in fact mean well, and they do not wish harm upon the Coptic population, unlike the Salafists.


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