Yemen and Libya – the latest update

The UK Guardian continues its live updates covering the Middle East. It has two major stories. In the first, regarding Yemen, there has been an escalation in the conflict with the Saleh government hitting an opposition TV station with RPG rockets overnight. It really does seem like Yemen is headed for civil war.

The thing that I do not like about the Yemen situation is the probability that the opposition to Saleh is made up of Islamists and in particular Al Qaeda. I still have no idea about those who are making all of the demands in Yemen. It is an unhealthy situation.

However, the news on Libya is much more hopeful since it appears that the country’s Prime Minister is starting to make all the moves, and there is a renewed possibility of peace negotiations:

Is the Libyan government preparing to sue for peace? The Independent’s lead story says:

The Libyan regime is preparing to make a fresh overture to the international community, offering concessions designed to end the bloodshed of the three-month-long civil war.

The Independent has obtained a copy of a letter from the country’s Prime Minister, Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, being sent to a number of foreign governments. It proposes an immediate ceasefire to be monitored by the United Nations and the African Union, unconditional talks with the opposition, amnesty for both sides in the conflict, and the drafting of a new constitution.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports that Gaddafi might step down as military and diplomatic pressure on Tripoli intensifies.

Khaled Kaim, deputy foreign minister, for the first time admitted that all political options were on the table in future negotiations over the country’s future.

“This is for the Libyan people to decide,” he told The Daily Telegraph.



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2 Responses to Yemen and Libya – the latest update

  1. getebm says:

    Western and Saleh govt propaganda may give impression of al Qa’ida and Islamists waiting in the wings to fill power vacuum in Yemen but this is not the case at all. You only need to scan through tweets from YE to surmise that these are simply people aspiring to democracy and a better life.


  2. Aussie says:

    I am hoping that you are correct about Yemen. I have been very suspicious of the propaganda that comes from these countries, especially in Yemen, Syria and Libya. For the moment I am giving Yemen the benefit of the doubt, but I want to know more about that opposition.
    There seems to be definite hints that Salafists are involved in Yemen. What is very disturbing in Yemen is also the role of Al Qaeda as well as the role of that imam Awlaki.
    Until we know for certain I will continue to keep an open mind whilst questioning who they might be.

    Already, in Egypt there are signs that the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular played a dirty double game. The Copts aligned themselves with the protests only to end up having their churches destroyed in some cities. This rise of the Salafist action is not good news in Egypt, but of course I do not trust that really creepy el-Baradei (Mr. Potato Head).

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