These idiots always take it so personally

The latest is an uproar because a Professor of Genetics and medicine pointed out the truth – that when first cousins marry there is a very real risk of genetic problems being passed down through the family. The Pakistanis in Bradford have their knickers in a knot because they think that the warning is about them. They were offended by the use of the term “inbred”. This faux outrage points to the kind of thing that the professor is addressing. These Muslims spend too much time being outraged.

However, the warning is not confined to a certain group within the population. It is a warning that is timely, and a reminder that when first cousins marry there is a very real and increased risk of any progeny having disabilities due to the close relationship of the married couple.

Rather than using the Pakistani community as an example, I will use the very real example of Queen Victoria’s family and children. It has been a normal practice for in royalty circles for cousins to marry each other. Prince Albert was related to Queen Victoria. One of the children was born a hemophiliac, and hemophilia which is a disease where the blood does not clot, is one of the diseases that is caused through two people who are closely related marrying each other.

Pakistan is one of many countries where cousins marry each other. It happens in India, Iran, Iraq, and other nations as well. In fact if you look in the Scripture, there is also evidence of cousins marrying, but in those ancient times the genetics of the human body were not understood. These days it is different, and it is obvious that there needs to be a warning against these first cousin marriages, because of the genetic factors.



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