ultra-left wing former French Foreign Minister proves he is a real Richard Cranium

Roland Dumas, the former French Foreign Minister under the ultra left wing Francois Mitterand has paid a visit to Tripoli. He has backed Gadhafi and even goes along with the outrageous claims made by the Libyan government that there have been thousands of injuries as a result of the NATO bombings, without really seeing the evidence. What is worse, Roland Dumas has gone as far as stating that he would defend Gadhafi if he was brought before the International Court. What a dickhead!!

When I first saw the report about Roland Dumas and his offsider (who had defended Klaus Barbie) I more or less dismissed it, because it would seem that the man has a penchant for believing propaganda. However, the UK Guardian has made a rather salient point which I believe points up that Dumas is motivated more by his hatred of Sarkozy than by anything else. 

For once, the war correspondents who have risked their lives in Libya are mostly telling the truth about what is going on. In past action they took the side of Gadhafi, when Tripoli was bombed on the orders of President Reagan. However, this time, probably due to the fact that the war correspondents are virtual prisoners of the regime, and partially due to the high number of deaths, imprisonment and beatings, the war correspondents have been extremely critical. I find that most will give a report and buried in the content there are little nuggets. For example in this report the correspondent says:

A former French foreign minister, who is visiting Libya as a lawyer to prepare a legal case on behalf of victims of Nato bombing, meanwhile said he was prepared to defend Gaddafi if he is sent to The Hague.

Roland Dumas, who served as foreign minister under François Mitterrand, claimed he had seen several civilian victims of Nato bombing in a hospital and had been told by a doctor that there were as many as 20,000 more.

Nato says it has struck only military targets. Despite promises by Gaddafi officials, journalists in Tripoli have been shown no evidence of large numbers of civilians killed or injured by Nato bombing.

In other words, the journalists are stating that Roland Dumas is a lying sack of steaming dog poo. Putting it another way, the journalists are stating that the Libyan regime is a lying sack of steaming dog poo. Yes, there are more than likely people who have been hurt. The question is: are they victims of the regime? Or are they military that the regime is claiming to be civilians. The journalist in this story states that the regime has not produced evidence for these claims. Dumas, being a dumb extreme leftist is prepared to accept a statement by a regime doctor who has been ordered to give a false statistic. He is not basing his comment upon fact.

When the ICC prosecutor carried out his investigation a team went to Benghazi and there was a big fact finding mission. They have the documentation to support their claims against Gadhafi. As well as making the complaint against Gadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, and his brother in law Senasussi (sp), the investigators also took note of complaints about an incident against African workers who were thought to be mercenaries for Gadhafi. It is still being investigated, and it goes against the people in Benghazi. If there is cause for complaint then there will no doubt be charges laid.

The extreme left-wing and discredited Dumas is being paid by the Libyan regime, and this is at the very heart of his claims and statements. Money talks.


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