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Arrest warrants are issued

The ICC has issued arrest warrants for Moammar Gadhafi, Seif-al Islam Gadhafi, and Senussi. The reasons are that Gadhafi and his inner circle orchestreated their brutal response to peaceful protesters, which has caused a civil war in Libya. Good, and … Continue reading

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Is the end nigh?

More noises coming from Libya that Gadhafi cannot hold on much longer. There are two reports, one from the BBC and another from the NY Slimes, that has information that requires some digestion. Please keep in mind that war correspondents … Continue reading

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Yemen, Syria and Libya

Always keep in mind that I remain suspicious of those who are behind the protests, however, there is another more important principle at play – human rights and the right to freedom of speech, which in turn means the right … Continue reading

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Bahrain gets tough with Shia activists

I have not blogged much about Bahrain’s crackdown on protestors. This was due to the fact that some things about the Bahrain protests were pretty obvious. Bahrain is ruled by Muslims who belong to the Sunni sect. This was the … Continue reading

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Good news – the Afghan murderer of Australian soldier has been shot dead

The Afghans working with the Australian contingent in Afghanistan are deeply ashamed of what took place. The young corporal who was shot dead by the Afghan was considered “a good mate” and “a bloody good cook”. A joint military effort … Continue reading

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When do we decide that it is important to protect civilians?

Personally, I think that we should always be ready to protect any people who are being attacked by their own governments, and that includes Sudan. In other words, I believe that we should roundly condemn Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt, … Continue reading

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The building of evidence of crimes against humanity by the Gadhafi regime

Not only does Misrata have smart or rather brilliant engineers, the town has very smart lawyers. These quick thinking lawyers made sure that the police stations and the barracks were not destroyed by the people, when the town was overrun … Continue reading

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