The face of the Syrian protests

Just as Neda became the face of the Iranian protests due to her death being recorded live and broadcast on Youtube, Hamza al-Khateeb is the new face of the Syrian protests. He was 13 years old, and he was tortured by the Syrian regime. The Mail Online has the story on Hamza. There is a picture of the dead child as he is laid out ready for burial. His body shows the signs of being tortured.

For pity’s sake, he was kneecapped, riddled with bullets and his penis was cut off during the torture that he endured before succumbing to his injuries. Keep in mind that those who tortured him also tortured Iranians during the 2009 protests.

Hamza’s father has disappeared since the story of Hamza appeared online.

I had not fully taken up the Syrian protests due to the fact that I had been following the situation in Libyan. There is much to tell about the escalation of the violence against the people in Syria by the Asshat regime. Now is the time to give this situation more prominence, and to push for world leaders to condemn the Asshat regime over their brutality towards the Syrian people.


It looks like the international community has had enough of President Asshat in Syria. My own Foreign Minister, KRUDD, has called on the UN to seek to have Assad referred to the ICC. This call has come as a result of the torture and death of Hamza.

It is about time that the International community had a really good look at the manner in which these leaders have been cracking down on their own people. The death of Hamza in my view is no different than the death of Neda in Iran. However, in Iran there were others who were tortured and killed, some of those were only a few years older than this Syrian boy. We, the international community, and yes especially those of us who call ourselves Christians need to be at the forefront of protests against these crackdowns in Middle Eastern countries. We need to be sure that we are being heard, and we need to help those who require a voice in telling their stories to the world.

Whilst I do not agree with Islam, it is immaterial about how I feel, because this is not so much about Islam as it is about people having the right to protest. These people do not deserve the torture that has been thrust upon them. That is why we need to be prepared to speak up against the Syrian crackdown (which is in reality an Iranian crackdown) on the people of Syria. We need to state “No more violence”!!


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