Syrian authorities attempt to whitewash death of Hamza

Call me a person who is very cynical when it comes to the propaganda that comes from any Middle East regime. The parents of Hamza said that he had marks on his body that indicate that he was tortured and that his penis was cut off. The authorities claim that the boy was shot three times at a protest and that his body was not returned because of problems with identification. A judge claimed that there were no torture marks on his body.

The authorities have stated that they have started an investigation into the boy’s death. However, I am cynical enough to see this as an attempt to whitewash the incident and to make out like the parents are lying about the state of the boy’s body when it was returned to them.

Hamza is the face of the Syrian revolt. Neda Soltan is the face of the Iranian protest. Eman al-Obeidi is the face of the Libyan revolt. In each case their stories are compelling. Let it be known that Neda represents all of the Iranians who were tortured before they were killed by the basijj in Evin prison and elsewhere. Some of those activists who were killed had their tortured bodies dumped at the side of the road. At least one was a woman. Other young men and women returned to their homes bearing the scars of their torture. One young man returned to his father’s home distraught because he had been raped, and nearly died at the hands of his torturers. These are the same ones who are in Syria torturing the Syrians.

Also, I do not support Muslim Brotherhood, or any group associated with Al Qaeda or Islamism. My concern here is that of individuals who have been tortured by their regime, nothing more.

InfidelsareCool has up a piece about the torture of Hamza. Please read their article because it is more complete on the nature of the torture suffered by a 13 year old boy who was abducted, not shot, during the protests in Deraa. His father was then taken from the house, after the body was returned, and his mother was threatened by the Secret Police. I urge my readers to click on the link.


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