UN report on Libya – critical of both sides

According to this report by the BBC the UN has issued a report on war crimes that is critical of both sides in the conflict:

Rights experts said they found evidence of crimes including murder and torture, in a pattern that suggested Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was behind them.

The UN mission also said opposition forces were guilty of abuses which would constitute war crimes, although they were not as numerous.

I would think that there were abuses in those early stages because of the fury of the people against those who had been firing upon them, when they were unarmed. Such a report is therefore, quite unsurprising. Also, the people in Benghazi were extremely wary of any African in the town because Daffy had hired mercenaries, and there were accusations that such people were mercenaries.

If such crimes were sanctioned by the NTC then yes they have to answer to such charges, but if they were spontaneous, then it will be more difficult to prosecute anyone for those actions. 


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