another one bites the dust – sticky because they are dying like flies

Have just seen this report, that a senior AQ militant working in Pakistan, Illyas Kashmiri has been killed.

Officials have confirmed reports from locals that Kashmiri, 47, died in the strike in the tribal region of South Waziristan in the country’s north-west.

The elimination of Kashmiri, regarded as one of the most dangerous militants in the world, appeared to be another coup for the United States after American special forces killed Osama bin Laden in a garrison town close to Islamabad on May 2.

He is believed to have been one of nine people killed in the drone attack.

He headed a group that specialises in coordinated multiple strikes on targets and is widely believed to have masterminded an audacious attack on the naval airbase in Karachi last month.

Islamabad’s cooperation in the killing could help repair ties with Washington, badly damaged when it was discovered that bin Laden had apparently been living in Pakistan for years.

“We are sure that he (Kashmiri) has been killed. Now we are trying to retrieve the bodies. We want to get photographs of the bodies,” said a Pakistani intelligence official on Saturday.

Kashmiri was wrongly reported to have been killed in a September 2009 strike by a US drone.

A Pakistani television station quoted the group Kashmiri headed, Harkat-ul Jihad Islami (HUJI), which is allied to Al Qaeda, as saying the latest report was true.


According to the Jawa Report, this drone hit was a double whammy. Also confirmed dead in the same strike was Ahmad Faruq.  My PetJawa also states that the group of militants were taking tea in an orchard when the missiles struck.

It might be time to enjoy a little bit of music…. “Another one bites the dust”


According to this report, two more associates of Ilyas Kashmiri are named as being amongst the dead. They are: Amir Hamza and Mohammed Usman.

This is starting to look like a strike that has well and truly helped to thin out the top dogs in the ranks of Al Qaeda and their affiliates in Pakistan 🙂


The list of dead Taliban and Al Qaeda activists keeps growing. There is a new report that indicates that Australian soliders hit the bulls eye last week:

The Defence Force says Australian soldiers working in Afghanistan have killed a key Taliban leader.

Defence says Mullah Gul Akhund was killed last week during a coordinated operation by Australian and Afghan forces in Uruzgan province.

The insurgent group attempted to evade capture and engaged the partnered Afghan and Australian force.

“In the ensuing small-arms engagement, Mullah Gul Akhund was killed.”

Prominent bomb-maker and tactical commander Shah Mamood was also killed.

The ADF says the deaths will significantly disrupt the work of insurgents in the lead-up to the so-called summer fighting season.

“Both Mullah Gul Akhund and Shah Mamood had direct links to the senior insurgent leadership and represented a clear threat to coalition and Afghan forces, as well as Afghan locals in the area,” the ADF said.

“Their deaths will significantly disrupt the command and control network in Uruzgan and inhibit [improvised explosive device] distribution in the area.

This is really good news because the more the Taliban and Al Qaeda operations are disrupted, the better. It is also good for the possibility of getting a peace process moving.

 **************** UPDATE 12 JUNE 2011 *******************

This report is just in, that the presumed head of AQ East Africa has joined his erstwhile colleage Osama Bin Laden only to discover that there are no 72 virgins but there are 72 Virginians (I hope you know the joke). The latest to be killed is Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who is said to the mastermind behind the bombings in 1998 in Nairobi and Dar al Salaam.

“We have confirmed by ADN tests carried out with our partners that it definitely was Fazul Abdullah,” an official at Somali’s National Security Agency said.

A US official also said there was “strong reason” to believe Fazul Abdullah was dead.

Officials with the Somali Transitional Government (TFG) said the men were killed at a roadblock on Tuesday night.

“Our forces fired on two men who refused to stop at a roadblock. They tried to defend themselves when they were surrounded by our men,” TFG military commander Abdikarim Yusuf said.

“We took their ID documents, one of which was a foreign passport,” he said, adding that an investigation was under way.

The incident happened on the northwestern outskirts of the Somali capital, a regional security source said.

The two men were driving in a pick-up truck full of medicine, laptops and mobile phones.

The same source said they appeared to have taken a wrong turning while trying to reach a Shebab position and ended up in an area under TFG control.

A Somali source close to the investigation said the man identified as Fazul was in possession of a South African passport in the name of Daniel Robinson which gave his date of birth as 1971.

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There is justice in this world after all, especially when these killers are captured, and as it seems to be the case, they are on the losing end of a firefight. Oh yes, go Queen… another one bites the dust (it was on the radio this morning).

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