Syria – we should not be silent

I am a Catholic. I believe that it is necessary to look beyond religion when it comes to basic human rights in countries that are not Christian. I believe that there are times when it is necessary to speak out against the tyrant such as in Syria and Libya. In both of these countries I recognize that there is something else in play that has less to do with Islamism than it has to do with the strong desire to be free from the rule of a tyrant. I recognize that in these Middle Eastern countries there are many tribes and that there are tribal rivalries.

First, in dealing with Libya, I repeat what I have always stated – that Daffy Duck is responsible for the massacre of his own people. The signs in Libya were present even before the first protest. The first sign happened as the Egyptian protests were taking place, when a top Libyan official on tour in Africa suddenly returned to Tripoli. When that happened it was not clear what was going down, yet from the very first protest Daffy Duck was ready, and his goons started firing upon unarmed individuals – then the whole thing escalated. I continue to believe that the UN and NATO action has been justified, which has put me at odds with many conservatives who cannot get over the fact that Libyans are Muslim.

Second, in dealing with Syria, whilst the Libyan protests and action were developing there had been some protests in Syria, but the crackdown in the early stages were nothing like what was happening in Syria. Up until the past month there were fewer deaths. However, something changed, and that something was the interference of Iran who sent the Republican Guard and the Basijj to Syria in order to crack down on the people.

It has been difficult trying to learn everything about the protests in Syria. What I do know is that the protests started in a region where the people are considered to be a minority. I also know that the Syrian government has been harsh against the people, and that their towns have been shelled (just like in Libya). Everything is now different because of the death of a 13 year old boy, followed by the death of his 12 year old female cousin during the past week. The Syrian troops are opening fire on children!!

Hamza Al-Khatib is now the face of the Syrian revolution. He represents the plight of a people who have been suppressed by the Ba’athist Assad (Asshat) and his family, who also belong to a minority tribe. Whatever sparked the protests in the first place is less important because of the torture and death of 13 year old Hamza.

We should not be silent and we should be roundly condemning what took place in Syria. We should not be silent and we should condemn those who are firing upon children, killing and maiming them. This goes for the Daffy Duck regime because children the Daffy goons also fired upon children, killing some and severely wounding others.

These leaders need to be brought to justice over the deliberate murder and injuring of these children.


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