Exposed – the Libyan regime propaganda

You can view the video here and yes I really do think that the BBC and other journalists are doing an exemplary job in their reporting this time.

The journalists were taken to a hospital where they were sent to view an injured baby girl. It was claimed that she was injured in a bomb attack, however, that story soon began to unravel. It was yet another piece of Libyan propaganda.

The truth soon came out as one of the workers at the hospital passed a slip of paper, and written in English was the real story – the child was injured in a car accident. Wait there is more.

The journalists were taken to an alleged bomb site where the injury was supposed to have happened. There was a small hole which did not really look like a bomb site, and there were a few dead animals. Then they were taken to another unrelated site, and the father or the spokesman of the other family was at that site.

The truth soon emerged that the man in the hospital who was blaming NATO for the injuries to the baby was in fact a regime worker.

In this “war”, Libya has been hellbent on presenting propaganda to be consumed by the war. However, it does not take long for most of the propaganda to be unravelled. This is just another example of how Gadhafi has seized upon situations and tried to present the situation in one light, but the truth is very different.

I suspect that Syria is attempting to use the same propaganda tactics, and when I have a moment, I will also write to highlight the Syrian propaganda tricks. One simply cannot believe these regimes because they constantly lie about what has really happened.


It is not just the BBC that is using accuracy, rather than propaganda to call out the Daffy Duck regime.

Here is another report from The Telegraph Online on the same story and with even more detail about how the attempts at propaganda are not working, except for the gullible few. The note passed from the hospital staff member to the foreign journalists was written in English and it stated: the baby was injured in a car accident, this is the truth.

This particular report went further than the BBC video, as it explains that they were taken to St. Marks Coptic Church where there were some shattered windows, but the bombs actually hit the base next door with pin point accuracy.  I recommend that you read the whole report, because here again we see where the regime has lied, attempted to take the journalists to fake sites (in one case the bus driver stated “I cannot find it” and returned the journalists to the hotel), and explains once again that at the beginning of the impostion of the no-fly zone, graves were prepared but no bodies showed up. Now here is probably the best part of the story, and I might add, ties in with the man who turns out to be, not a neighbour or a relative of the girl allegedly injured by a Daffy regime employee, when at the last site the “bomb” turns out to be something else:

Confusingly the same “neighbour” was present when the day ended at 1.30am on Monday morning, in a garden in a different part of the city said to have been hit shortly beforehand. The home-owner said he had been eating in the garden when the “missile” landed, terrifying his children.

On closer inspection, the “missile”, sitting next to a small hole in the ground and between palm trees, turned out to be the empty fuel tank of a Russian-made missile, as revealed by its Cyrillic writing.

Since Russia is not part of the Nato mission, even accompanying officials said it was unlikely to have come from an overflying jet.

The “neighbour”, who now said he was also a government official, claimed Nato had hit a weapons storage base, sending parts flying through the air.



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