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Syria – the situation for citizens is getting worse

Since I cannot totally trust the LSM when it comes to accurately reporting who is behind the protests, I have to take them at their word regarding Syria. I do not know if these people are Islamists. I know virtually … Continue reading

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The Archbishop of Canterbury continues to become even more irrelevant

In the latest of his diatribes, Rowan Williams, the disgraced and most useless Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked the coalition British Government. Rowan Williams is the one who acquiesed to the Prince of Wales marry a horse face. He is … Continue reading

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Beware Gadhafi propaganda

Not all of the propaganda is being issued by the regime in Tripoli because there are others who are willing to give a false description of events. Once such group is ANSMED. Now I cannot prove their links to the … Continue reading

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Zawahri issues a threat

The second in command to OBL, the Egyptian Zawahri, is no doubt trying to find relevance in the midst of the “Arab spring”. It seems that this horrible little man has come out of hiding to issue a warning, that … Continue reading

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He gets pounded and Kasim pounds Misrata

The special military unit run by Daffy’s son Kasim is the one that has been attacking Misrata. This is probably the best indication yet, that Kasim did not die at the beginning of the imposing of the no-fly zone, but … Continue reading

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