Beware Gadhafi propaganda

Not all of the propaganda is being issued by the regime in Tripoli because there are others who are willing to give a false description of events.

Once such group is ANSMED. Now I cannot prove their links to the Daffy Duck regime, but lately I have seen some reports that are being repeated that have come from ANSMED. The problem is that there is no back up or support for their claims. None of it is easily verifiable.

Once such claim, which I saw on one particular site “The Last Refuge” even went as far as distorting the actual report to make it look like some Libyans had been the aggressors against troops in Algeria. Wrong again. The report itself was extremely shallow. These Libyans, who are probably Bedouin since they live in the western region of Libya, had gone into Algeria to watch a football match. According to the report, the Algerian troops engaged them, because the alleged intent was to sneak across the border at a separate point that was behind the Daffy troops that were shelling their city.

The report itself bragged about the Algerian troops enganging these Libyans. It was the Algerians who were being aggressive, not the other way around. The Libyans did not cross into Algeria with the purpose of engaging those Algerian troops and to intimate that this was the case is calumny agains those who continue to fight for their lives against a murderous regime.

The previous occasion where there was border activity, which was on the border with Tunisia, it was the Daffy goons that had crossed into Tunisian territory that were the cause of the outbreatk of action. It was their intention to shell the border town where many Libyans had fled. They were stopped by the Tunisian army and were most likely captured, if not killed.

What I am saying is that any report coming out of ANSMED needs to be carefully fact checked, and the source needs to be tracked to see if there are any links to the Daffy Duck regime. I do not think it is what I would call a most reliable source for information.


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