He gets pounded and Kasim pounds Misrata

The special military unit run by Daffy’s son Kasim is the one that has been attacking Misrata. This is probably the best indication yet, that Kasim did not die at the beginning of the imposing of the no-fly zone, but that he was hiding in one of the bunkers at the Daffy compound when a missile hit that first day. In other words the rumour has indeed turned out to be rumour.

That being said, once again Misrata is under attack by Daffy troops, with Daffy attacking from 3 different directions.

The report itself on the attack had some other detail that is all the more interesting as the world continues turning away from the regime in Tripoli and giving recognition to the National Transitional Council. The latest to recognize the Benghazi group is Spain. The remainder of those who recognize the National Transitional Council are: France, Qatar, Britain, Italy, Jordan, Malta and Gambia.

The latest defection from the Daffy goon squad is the Labour Minister, who used a trip to a meeting of the ILO in Sweden, to announce his defection. The whole of the embassy staff had already defected. Just like the oil minister, Manfour will head for Benghazi and work with the NTC.


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