Syria – the situation for citizens is getting worse

Since I cannot totally trust the LSM when it comes to accurately reporting who is behind the protests, I have to take them at their word regarding Syria. I do not know if these people are Islamists. I know virtually nothing about their backgrounds. However, what I do know is that Syria has been using the Iranian Basijj to crush the people.

The latest news coming out of Syria is that more than 1000 people have fled across the border and into Turkey, out of fear that the brother of Asshat is heading to their village with a large column of troops with the intention of crushing them.

The refugees left the country as the notoriously murderous brother of President Bashar al-Assad has led thousands of Syrian troops towards a mission to wreak vengeance on a rebellious northern town.

More than 100 residents of Jisr al-Shughur fled across the border to Turkey on Wednesday while others sought sanctuary in the churches and mosques of nearby villages.

They escaped after receiving telephoned warnings that Maher al-Assad, the most feared man in Syria, was on his way at the head of a huge column of armour and troops. There are now thought to be 1,600 Syrians seeking refuge in Turkey.

Witnesses in the surrounding Idlib province said the convoy comprised “hundreds” of tanks and “thousands” of soldiers, who kicked up huge plumes of dust as they sped past, in a dramatic escalation of the government crackdown.

The advance came amid fears that a British attempt to persuade the UN Security Council merely to condemn the Syrian regime’s violence would be blocked by Russia during talks in New York on Wednesday night.

Human rights activists appealed for urgent international pressure on the regime, warning that unless Maher al-Assad was halted, his well-known “thirst for blood” would lead to a massacre.

“The world seems to be standing by as a latter-day Genghis Khan marauds through the country,” one activist in Damascus said.

“Maher is a man with a proven record of butchery for butchery’s sake. He takes a sadistic delight in inflicting human misery.”

“If the West was prepared to take action at the last minute to save the people of Benghazi from Gaddafi’s retribution, can they not do something to save the people of Jisr al-Shughur?”

Britain and France finally submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council on Wednesday following weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations in which Moscow, which has a naval base in the country and regards Mr Assad as an ally, has stubbornly refused to consider international action.

One must always keep in mind that Russia is also willing to take the same kind of action against her citizens. Ditto for China. This however, is now as serious as the situation that existed in Libya at the point when the UN agreed to resolution 1973 that started the enforcement of the no-fly zone.

It is now essential that the UN issues a statement of condemnation. It is also essential that the UN steps up the rhetoric against Assad. This kind of thing is simply not acceptable.


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