The Archbishop of Canterbury continues to become even more irrelevant

In the latest of his diatribes, Rowan Williams, the disgraced and most useless Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked the coalition British Government. Rowan Williams is the one who acquiesed to the Prince of Wales marry a horse face. He is also the one who has shown his own Dhimmi status and tendencies in his inability to understand the very nature of Sharia and how it affects Christians.

This latest attack shows that Williams first of all shows his real Marxist political colours and at the same time it shows his economic ignorance.

Mr. Williams, some of the economic pain is necessary. The NHS in the UK is an appalling mess, and that mess happened when Labour was in power, not the Coalition. It means that the Coalition of the Conservatives-Lib-Democrats have a most unpalatable job ahead of them if they are going to get the UK finances back in balance after the hack job done by Gordon Brown.

Mr Williams should be more concerned about the AGW scaremongering that has seen millions of pounds wasted upon remedies such as wind farms that do not work. He should also be concerned that these Green policies have not only been destroying the British economy but they have permanently destroyed jobs. He should also be concerned about the high levels of immigrants who are content upon accepting welfare payments, and living in welfare housing where they are taking advantage of the British taxpayer, rather than working and making a contribution to the economy through their taxes. 

However, Mr. Williams, being a good little fart-sniffing Marxists is prepared to attack those who are at least trying to get the Britain back on track. Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury continues to be a total disgrace as well as an individual with irrelevant ideas.


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