Zawahri issues a threat

The second in command to OBL, the Egyptian Zawahri, is no doubt trying to find relevance in the midst of the “Arab spring”. It seems that this horrible little man has come out of hiding to issue a warning, that he will take revenge for the death of OBL. ( I think a drone has a missile with his name on it).

In his ramblings Zawahri backed the “Arab spring”, and has declared that he will chase the west from Arab lands. He also pledged allegiance to that rather disgusting piece of rubbish who goes by the name of Mullah Omar, and he talks of imposing Sharia law. God help the Afghanis if Mullah Omar ended up being the winner over there, because the women will be back to square one, being beaten or even being raped in the prisons for showing a bit of flesh. As you can guess, I have no time for the Afghan Taliban, considering what they did to the Afghani women when they had power. This is probably the first time that one can see the real link between Al Qaeda and the Taliban and that the Taliban when they were in power gave refuge to the leadership of Al Qaeda prior to 2001.

At the end of the report there is a little nugget, which I thought was interesting because it shoots down those who claim that the revolutionaries in Libya are linked to Al Qaeda. Zawahri actually warned the Libyans against the NATO forces. This particular warning more or less shores up my belief that Gadhafi had been surreptiously supporting AQ and that if any weapons have left Libya and been sent to AQ that there is a Gadhafi link. (this belief of mine is only theory, but looking at the maps, I can see that the people in the east could not be doing what has been claimed, because the countries making accusations are on the western border of Libya.)



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