Syria – what is the truth?

The Syrian authority is about to launch a massive raid against the town of Jisr al-Shughur, claiming that 120 police were killed at the hands of “armed gangs” in the town. However, in Syria, and in Libya these “armed gangs” are usually in the imagination of the dictator, rather than being the reality.

The official line is that these are “armed gangs” because this line seems to legitimize the crackdown that is taking place. My question is: what is the truth? Were these police killed by a group of marauding people, or is it possible that these police were shot in the back by their own because they refused to kill their own people?

This is a legitimate question, because it is something that has come to light in Libya as well. The “rebels” in Libya are described by the Daffy Duck regime as “armed gangs”, “thugs”, and “Al Qaeda”. In fact a week prior to the first protest in Benghazi Daffy had released about 100 prisoners who were “Islamists” with possible association with Al Qaeda. Yes, these 100 or so Islamists are in fact a problem. (I will deal with that in another post). In those early days of the protests, when Daffy sent in the troops with tanks, there were military members who did not want to participate. These individuals were tied to the trucks, and they were killed, some were shot in the back.

This is where there is a real dilemma because in Syria, the people from that town claim that they had nothing to do with the death of the policemen and that they were killed because they refused to participate in the crackdown.



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