A 7 year old boy is a member of AQ and an armed thug?

My header is a bit misleading, but I wanted to emphasise that the Daffy goons are killing children. This time it is in Zawiyeh, which was involved in early fighting until overwhelmed and until the last few days had been fairly quiet. Then came the news that the tanks had started rolling into the town and the snipers were on the roofs again.

The UK Telegraph reports on the comments from both sides with the Daffy goon nominee for the Baghdad Bob award Moussa Ibrahim claiming that Daffy is in control of the country and that there were only 100 people in Zawiyah causing problems (hmm… the rebellion involves a lot more than 100 people). The rebels in the town reported that something like 13 people were killed, including a 7 year old boy.

The point is that when Daffy Duck’s goons come to town, they get up on the rooftop with their sniper equipment and they fire at anything that moves. This is what they did the last time they were in Zawiyah. When the uprising began in February the Daffy goons also killed and wounded children. In fact that shot at anyone who moved from their houses. This is not about stopping any armed gangs. This is just more of the same repression.

In the same report, it is noted that UAE have now formally recognized the NTC as the legitimate government in Libya. This is the second Arab nation to take this step. Who will be next? Turkey?


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