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The truth about the situation in Libya is just as difficult to find as it is in Syria because in the capital of Tripoli the invited journalists are guarded inside the Rixos hotel. They are not allowed to go anywhere at will, and they are supposed to report exactly what the regime tells them. However, these journalists are not quite playing the regime’s game, and one can often find buried in their reports the little nuggets that exposes the regime lies.

In the early days of the implementation of the no-fly zone when Daffy was attempting to get the world to turn on NATO, the journalists were taken to various sites. They have been very vocal about the way in which the whole thing has been staged for them, and on top of that they have been taking the wider angle shots that betrays the lies. Information such as the bunkers were built under a children’s playground should be a reminder that Daffy Duck has no respect for the lives of Libyans in Tripoli and that he uses them as human shields, even when they are not stupid enough to go running to his compound.

Tripoli also had demonstrations in the early days of the protests, and many Libyans died or were injured when the Daffy goons fired upon them. From Zawiyah through to Tripoli, people could not leave their homes for fear of being shot and killed because snipers had been stationed on the roofs of the houses, and those snipers were shooting and killing children. Many children were wounded as a result of the sniper action.

Whilst Misrata and Zintan have borne the worst of a siege scenario during the past few months, Tripoli has borne the constant bombings from NATO forces. Yet, many in Tripoli who die, are dying not at the hands of NATO, but at the hands of Daffy goons (the secret police).

The BBC has a report that gives an interview with some young activists in Tripoli. The journalist travelled at great risk to the safe house where he interviewed these young people.  They give another side to the thoughts and feelings of the people of Tripoli. The story mentions that for the first time the old Libyan flag was seen flying at a funeral protest. It also revealed that the crowds supporting Daffy Duck are thinning (and the faces are quite familiar anyway). The report also reveals that there are secret agents on every street corner, in every cafe and in every school. They try to find out what people are saying, and then arrest them.

How much longer must the people of Libya suffer with the mad man known as Moammar Gadhafi aka Daffy Duck? It is time for him to go, to just leave, to get out but he continues with his reign of terror.


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