Yemen, Syria and Libya

Always keep in mind that I remain suspicious of those who are behind the protests, however, there is another more important principle at play – human rights and the right to freedom of speech, which in turn means the right to protest a dictator. Since I know least about Yemen and how its ruler came to power, my report consists of the fact that there is even more concern today about what is going on. The latest information that I saw indicated that a bomb had gone off, suggesting of course that this is the work of Al Qaeda and Islamists. President Saleh remains in Saudi Arabia where he is receiving treatment for wounds sustained in an attack upon the Presidential palace. With Yemen, my biggest fear is the possible role of AQ and its attempt to gain power through force if necessary.

Syria remains a big concern, especially when the latest round of protests ended in the predictable manner with troops firing upon and killing more people. At the same time the military have been pushing towards the northern Syria/Turkey border where they have been killing, arresting and pillaging the villages in that region. In one instance a baker in one village had been supplying the refugees with bread. His bakery was burnt to the ground and he was killed by the military assassin squad. Turkey has been opening its border to the refugees. The flashpoint remains until Asshat recalls his troops.

The reports coming out of Libya seem to be that there could be a turning point that has been reached. The Tripoli underground might be the key to a quick solution in Libya. There are reports and denials of talks with Daffy Duck, and those talks centreing upon either an exit from Libya or at least an exit from control, but being allowed to stay in Libya (which is denied). The end will come when the remaining police and military decide to abandon their posts. It cannot be all that far away. The ICC is about ready to issue warrants for the arrest of Gadhafi and his son Saif, as well as for Sanoussi. This cannot happen soon enough.

Whilst I do not favour Islam, and I abhor the things that are believed and taught especially in relation to the founder of the movement who was a brigand, and a mass murderer, I will stick up for people who are being killed by their despotic leaders. This means accepting people at their word, that they are not Islamists or involved in Al Qaeda. However, like others, I do see the need for caution where it is known that some have had those AQ links. The question for me is whether or not such people have sufficient backing or influence in the long term. 

One question I do have for those who keep bleating about this “war” is whether or not they approve of the use of rockets packed with ball-bearings being fired upon a civilian population. This is the latest information that is coming out of Misrata – that Daffy goons are firing missiles packed with ball-bearings.  This means that it is a deliberate attempt to maim or kill the civilian population of the town. This is unacceptable.

Another question for those who keep complaining: do you approve of the use of landmines in the harbour of Misrata? These are being laid by Daffy goons, and it is the British who are finding and destroying these mines.

Also, do you approve of Gadhafi goons firing upon humanitarian aid ships as they try to approach the port of Misrata? Initially it was the Turkish military who provided cover for these ships so that they could safely reach port in order to evacuate the wounded.

Do you support people being forced into leaky boats? This is yet another tactic of Daffy goons who have forced immigrant workers into leaky boats that have then set sail and ended up sinking?

Whatever you think of Islam, you should be able to state with an open mind that such behaviour and tactics are simply not acceptable, and that in these cases, there has been a very serious crime perpetrated against humanity.

You might also want to consider whether or not you support Libyan regime troops firing rockets into Tunisian border villages.


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