what a pathetic little man – issuing threats to Europe

Is there no end to the propaganda, the lies, and the petulance of Moamar Gadhafi?  The BBC news service has the latest on this pathetic little man’s diatribe. He is now threatening Europe. He is so narcissistic that he continues with the lie that “all of Libya” loves him and that the people will swarm Europe and start attacking. The man is delusional.

The Arab League is already against him. It is true that he still has the African League on his side, but then he pays them off with Libyan oil cash… so no real surprises. NATO is against him. He has pissed off Erdogan in Turkey (and that is a big one), as well as Russia and China (both have been his supporters). The men surrounding him have been deserting. His military officers have been deserting. It is only a matter of time before the people in Tripoli who are against him will manage to rise up and bring about his end.

Yet this pathetic terrorist, who belongs in jail, has the temerity to make threats against Europe. Yes he really does flap about like Daffy Duck in the cartoons. This is why I refer to him as Daffy Duck.


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