African Union in the pay of Gadhafi

The latest in the news is that the African Union has come out stating that they will disregard the ICC arrest warrants. This is a statement that stinks to high heaven.

According to, the AU states that the ICC warrants seriously complicate their efforts to find a solution to the crisis in Libya. This is not meant to disrespect the news source because they have been doing accurate reporting for a change, but the statement is absolute bullshit.

Let me explain my reasons for stating what I think about the African Union. First of all, Gadhafi had using Libyan oil money to fund the African dictatorships. These African dictators are in fact the supporters of Gadhafi.

Second, we do not know exactly what was discussed when Zuma of South Africa was allowed to visit Gadhafi, but I bet it had nothing to do with investigating what actually took place, and I bet that some kind of money deal was made with Zuma to side with Gadhafi.

Third, the African Union roadmap has been rejected by the National Transitional Council. This is because the sticking point is not resolved. Gadhafi MUST GO!!

Reading further into the article, it appears that the African Union are having an hissy fit because the ICC seems to be “picking on them”. They point out Iraq and Afghanistan. However, they are being hypocrites themselves because the worst of the offenses in both Iraq and Afghanistan have been committed by Muslims; in Iraq it has been the Sunni, Shia and Al Qaeda who have been blowing each other up. The American, Australian, and allied troops have not been committing massacres in Iraq. If anything Saddam Husseing should have been hauled before the ICC based upon the acts of genocide that he committed towards the Kurds (well, the truth is that he was tried for those crimes, so an ICC was not necessary). In Aghanistan the worst of the crimes have been committed by the Taliban – this includes things like throwing acid in the faces of young girls who are students.  So yes the Taliban should be brought before the ICC. Then there is the example of Pakistan, and I would nominate the sheltering of a wanted criminal i.e. Osama Bin Laden as a crime that should have those responsible being tried for their crimes.

My point here is that the countries where the crimes against humanity are being committed are taking place in African countries. There are other countries such as Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Iran that need investigation for their human rights abuses. However, nobody has the guts to start the investigation.

A good example of the African crimes is the situation in the Ivory Coast. The outcome of the election meant that Gbago lost, but he refused to give up power. There was a struggle, and Ouattera’s goons were also on the rampage. This led to the finding of a mass grave on the property of the Christian Brothers. There was a massacre with more than 400 people killed. However, do we understand this as Muslim vs. Christian, or was it more like the supporters of Ouattera chased these people who took refuge on the property, and then everyone, including the Christian brothers were killed? I suspect that it had less to do with Muslim vs Christian than it did have something to do with a tribal situation. This is a long-standing problem in Africa!!

Africans get excitable. Africans love the idea of being martyrs for the cause. In early Christian times, the Circumcellions, who were Africans, tried to find ways to have themselves killed so that they could be martyrs. Very little has changed since that time.  However, the African continent is also full of small countries that have dictatorships, and in this typical situation, the dictator tends to do things like killing their enemies. Then there is genocide such as that which took place at Darfur. More recently there was the situation when Africans went wild because the Pope said something that they did not like, so they killed some nuns. They are constantly burning down churches. In other words, African nations are very guilty of the kind of human rights abuses that get investigated by the ICC.

The United Nations initiated the investigations in Libya that has led to the issuing of the arrest warrants. The initial investigations found sufficient evidence for the arrest warrants to be issued. The firing upon the unarmed population started with the very first protest. This was a small gathering, and Daffy goons fired upon them, killing the first of the unarmed victims. They also fired upon unarmed people who were a part of the initial funeral processions. It snowballed from that point… but the people had such weapons as rocks and very little in the way of other weapons… until one man, who was not a jihadi and who snubbed such talk, could not take any more, and he turned his car into a bomb that breached the walls of the fort in Benghazi. That was Benghazi, and similar things happened in Zawiyha, Zintan, Misrata, and other towns. Gadhafi started firing upon unarmed people. Children were killed, and people could not step outside their front doors without the snipers firing upon them. This is why the ICC issued those arrest warrants.

For the AU to make these statements, it certainly sounds like Gadhafi has promised them money if they support him.


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