Libya – Did you know that Iran was backing Gadhafi?

I saw this article at the American Thinker, which indicates that Western intelligence has learned that the stink of the Grand Pooh-Bah (Grand Satan) Khamenei has been stirring the pot in Libya. He is backing Gadhafi.

Thanks to the stupidity of the pResident of the White House, Iran has been attempting to get the upper hand in the Middle East. Those of us with long memories know how Jimmah Carter was a right stuff up in Iran and he invited Ayahtollah Khomanei to return to Iran from Paris. By doing that Carter was instrumental in allowing the reign of terror by the mad mullahs in Iran. The people of Iran have suffered the consequences for more than 30 years.

In 2009, the people voted for Mousavi, not Ahmahnutjob, but in the worst case of voter fraud that we have witnessed, Ahmahnutjob was declared the winner. The people went out onto the street and began to riot and protest. The Basijj were called in, BUT, the Basijj was reinforced with men from both Syria and Lebanon, and also probably from the Gaza strip. Several hundred people died in the melee of protests that followed. The most notorious was the death of Neda who was shot in cold blood, and died in the street. The video of her death was seen around the world. Neda is the face of the protests in Iran, but she was not the only one, and perhaps her death was better than those who were captured and taken to the notorious Evin prison, where they were tortured to death. Still others who were captured were given rigged trials, after they too had been tortured, and then they were sentenced to death. I read many of the stories, one was about the girl who was tortured and burned and then her body was dumped. Another story was about a young man who was raped, and who made it home but was in a collapsed state.

The crimes committed by Khamenei and his regime are well in excess of the crimes committed by Daffy Duck in Libya, and yes, I truly hope that the ICC will one day be allowed to investigate and issue warrants for the arrest of both Khamenei and Ahmahnutjob as well as other members of that regime. They deserve to be placed on trial for their crimes against humanity in Iran.

Western sources have misinterpreted the meaning of the Arab Spring. For some unfathomable reason some think that these people want democracy, yet the truth is that most of those people protesting have no idea what democracy means, except in Libya. I keep saying that Libya is the exception, rather than the rule. This is because many in Libya are highly educated, and they went to other countries such as the USA and the UK to get that education. They have experienced democracy first hand, and they understand the concepts. The people behind the National Transitional Council want a return to democracy. They do not seem to want the imposition of Sharia law, but if that happens when they are finally able to take control of Libya, then so be it!! 

The Grand Pooh-Bah sees the Arab Spring as a great opportunity to seize power in the Middle East for Iran. This is why I believe that the USA by betraying its allies in both Tunisia and Egypt have done something that is unpardonable. The very idea of negotiating with the Muslim Brotherhood should be anathema, especially when it is common knowledge about the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt the man with the ties to the Iranian regime is Mr Potato Head, el-Baradei. He is an extremely dangerous man, and if he is allowed to be a candidate for President in Egypt then the ties to Iran are virtually assured through him.

Syria is a well known ally of Iran. In fact it has been known for a very long time that Syria was a satellite of Iran. The bloody and vicious crackdown in Syria is also the handiwork of Iran’s forces. 

What is at stake here? Turkey could be the key to the Iran-Syria situation, because Turkey has been accepting refugees across the border, and there is  a very real chance that Turkey might move troops across the northern border and into Syria in order to secure the area for the refugees. So far this has not happened. American warships have been moved into position, and Turkey has done some secret negotiation with Israel mending a few of the broken fences as an extrea protection. The danger for Turkey is that if the military do move across the border that Asshat will start firing missiles into Turkey. This might be the scenario that Khamenei desires. Either way, he is trying to keep western eyes off Syria, and keep them focused on Libya.

According to the American Thinker article, Gadhafi has ties with the Grand Pooh-Bah, and Iran has been secretly supplying weapons to Gadhafi via the borders from Chad and Algeria (bang there goes that claim that rebels are using the same route to supply Al Qaeda).  Even as the Daffy Duck weapons dumps are being found and destroyed, Iran is making sure that Daffy is still being supplied with the missiles and other weapons that he is firing at the people in Zintan, Misrata and other locations. Iran is also supplying “boots on the ground” that goes beyond the kind of training being conducted in Benghazi at the direction of the British and the French.

This is the most unexpected information, but it makes a whole lot of sense, especially when NATO had decimated those weapons dumps, and yet Daffy never seems to run out of weapons that he uses to kill his own people.



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