How does one explain the evil act that took place in Norway?

Alice Miller the psycho-analyst in one of her books attempted to explain the evil associated with Adolf Hitler. Her conclusion was that Hitler was playing out his early life on the world stage. In my mind I have no doubt that Hitler was pure evil, and that he had by the time he instituted his final solution, descended into madness. Yet, I agree with Alice Miller, that the roots of Hitler’s madness is his childhood, and in particular his father’s brutality. The right form of discipline for children should not lead to an acting out on the world stage.

(At this point, I could add that if one was to examine another current world figure, that is Barry Østupid, one could also see how the influences on his early life are also being played out on the world stage…. but this is not about Barry and his narcissism).

There have been other mass murderers in the world, including the Saudi Arabians who hijacked and plunged two passenger airlines into the World Trade Centre, killing almost 4000 people. That kind of mass murderer had an ideology that can only be termed as extremely hateful. Yet there are others, such as the Unabomber, Martin Bryant and Julian Knight where it is impossible to determine their political identity. We do know that the Unabomber also hated Marxists. It was not the case for Martin Bryant and Julian Knight, the Australians who were responsible for the worst massacres so far in Australia. In particular, Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur mass-murderer was a cold and calculating individual who turned his gun on innocent children, and who shot several of his victims in the back.

The mass murderer in Norway is of the same mold as Adolf Hitler, Martin Bryant, Julian Knight and the Unabomber. It seems that he had an ideology that included absolute hatred of Islam. His rambling manifesto that has been found on the Internet gives some kind of window into his mind – a man who is intelligent, yet deeply disturbed. His ideology seems to be the same as those who have been speaking out against the Islamization of Europe, but with a difference. None of the people involved in the English Defence League, for example, advocate the form of violence that took place in Norway.

Anders Breivik started his murder spree by planting two car bombs that has killed at least 8 people in Oslo. He then went to an island owned by the Labour Party of Norway and he killed at least 85 young people who were there attending a camp. He acted in cold blood. He knew what he was doing. It was all planned in his mind.

When the bomb exploded, an unknown group of Islamists giving the name “friends of the Global jihad” claimed responsibility. Keep in mind that there was a 2 hour gap between the explosion and Anders Breivik reaching the island. It is possible that he was the one who posted that message. The fact is that in Norway, the Council of Islam members denounced what had taken place. This did not stop the British press pontificating about the possible reasons that an Islamist had for setting off the bombs – but the analysts were totally wrong with their analysis. This time no Islamists were involved in the bombing of Oslo or the killing of at least 85 young people at the camp.

The manifesto written by Breivik gives some insight into his way of thinking. He was very anti-Muslim. He blamed the ruling Norwegian Labor Party for allowing too many immigrants into the country. On the surface that seems fine, but it does not explain why he would go to the island and kill so many young people. Neither does it explain why he bombed the government offices in Oslo.

One other piece of information that surfaced is that Breivik had been a member of the Freemasons in Norway, and specifically he was a member of the Knights Templar. This is not to be confused with the original Knights Templar. These are members of the Freemasons. They are not Christians, but hey do indeed pretend to be Christians. They are just like the Cathars of the Middle Ages (the Albigenses are an example) who also pretended to be Christians. The Cathars were indeed the subject of the early Inquisitions, not the Spanish Inquisition. The Cathars were anarchists. They were also vegans. They had strict dietary requirements,as well as some strange beliefs and practices. In many instances the Inquisitors arrived in the nick of time to save people who were accused by the towns people of being Cathars. Yes, those found guilty were punished when they refused to recant. Let’s not get caught up in moral relativism by comparing that situation to what is happening now. There is simply no comparison, and most people do not understand the times in which it all took place. In fact most people who pontificate on the subject are actually totally ignorant of the real history.

I think that the truth here is that whatever was taking place in those Knights Templar meetings that Breivik attended might be a clue to his descent into a madness that enabled him to believe that he had to take this form of drastic action. I am guessing that those meetings were indeed very Islamophobic (for want of a better word or terminology) that tipped someone on the edge, over the edge into madness. It seems to me that the aim of the exercise was to blame the Muslims for the massacre. He saw the Labor Party of Norway as the enemy, and he saw the Muslims who had settled in Norway as the enemy.

Taking into consideration his manifesto, I have no doubt that Anders Breivik wanted to start a war between Muslims and other Europeans. His ideology is no different from that of Ahmanutjob who wants to start a world war in order to hasten the arrival of the 12th imam who is hiding in a well. It is also the same ideology that is espoused by some extremist fundamentalists who want to do everything possible (such as blowing up the mosque in Jerusalem) in order to hasten the coming of Christ. The ideology is exactly the same and it is extremism of the worst kind.

Most Muslims do not go along with the extreme views of Ahmahnutjob and the same is true of most Christians who do not go along with the idea that we can even know when the coming of Christ will be. However, should the Knights Templar who are part of the Freemasons in Norway even be considered as Christian? I cannot see how they can be considered as real followers of Christ.

Boris Johnson has written an article on this same subject, and he has read at least a part of Breivik’s manifesto. He also found other information that in some way explains why Breivik has such a hatred for Muslims. This gets back to Adolf Hitler, and what makes some evil people tick. Someone who knew Breivik has brought up the fact that Breivik was jilted by a young woman who preferred a Pakistani over him. In someone who has been a loner, and who was the child of a divorced couple, this jilting could have tipped him over the edge. It could explain the pent up rage. It might help to explain what Breivik was attempting to play on the world stage:

 It wasn’t about immigration, or Eurabia, or the hadith, or the Eurocrats’ plot against the people. It wasn’t really about ideology or religion. It was all about him, and his feeling of inadequacy in relation to the female sex. The same point can be made (and has been made) about so many of the young Muslim terrorists. The fundamental reasons for their callous behaviour lie deep in their own sense of rejection and alienation. It is the ideology that gives them the ostensible cause, that potentiates the poison in their bloodstream, that gives them an excuse to dramatise the resentment that they feel in the most powerful way – and to kill.


Anders Breivik may have constructed a portentous 1,500 page manifesto, but like so many others of his type he was essentially a narcissist and egomaniac who could not cope with being snubbed.


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