Not Trusted – Tribal difficulties hinders Libyan revolution

News has been received that General Abdel Younes, the former Interior Minister and close friend of Moammar Ghadafi has been killed in mysterious circumstances.

From what I have been gleaning from the LSM reports, there had always been tension between General Younes and other “rebels”. In fact there is another general Haftika who claimed that he should be in charge of those fighting at the front. This is also a tribal matter, involving the Obeidi tribe. Interesting… this might explain why Eman al-Obeidi was hustled back to Benghazi.

The story seems to be that for reasons unknown General Younes and his aides (who were killed with him) were recalled from the front at Brega to face questioning by a panel of judges regarding military matters. The general and his aides did not make it to Benghazi but were killed by the assailants en route to Benghazi. There is a question mark over the location of the bodies of the three men. The NTC has claimed that the assailant has been arrested.


The BBC is reporting that the Daffy Duck regime is taunting the British over the death of General Younes. This might in fact be a real indication that the assassin was someone loyal to the regime. The reason that I am thinking this way is due to the allegation by the Daffy Duck regime that Al Qaeda is involved.

It is worth noting that the number of people that were released by Daffy Duck prior to the start of the revolution on Feb 17 was about 100 persons in total. The number is quite small, but the regime, for their own purposes has continued to claim that the revolutionaries are Al Qaeda, and thugs etc. etc. even though there is ample evidence that this is not the case.

The truth about who assassinated General Younes will be revealed at some future date. If, as I suspect, after reading some of the reports on his death, that General Younes was acting as a double agent, then it is more than likely that he was killed so that he could not respond to the NTC over those “military matters” that he was on the way to Benghazi to discuss. IGeneral Younes was not trusted by a number of people, including members of his own tribe.

According to this same report, there is no missing body. There has been a funeral procession with the body in a coffin.


After the news was recieved several of the Obeidi tribesmen left the Brega front and returned to Benghazi. Apparently they shot up the hotel where Mr. Jalil had made the announcement regarding the death of the general and his aides. However, not all of the Obeidi tribesmen feel the same way. It seems that there is enough of a lack of trust towards the late General Younes, that some are probably glad he has gone.

As the facts are becoming available, there is speculation that General Younes could have been a Daffy Duck plant. It appears that General Younes was the contact with the Gadhaffi family in Tripoli. This opens up all sorts of possibilities as to why there had been no advance in reaching Tripoli.  Who knows?

Some of the more worrying aspects of this whole thing has been the fact that this “war” is being conducted by different tribes. Until now there had been a display of unity, yet there had been some things that are causing disquiet. One of these is the existence of the Islamists who seem to come from the one town of Derna. These are the people who have had a tendency to seek out Al Qaeda. This indicates that they follow the Wahibi sect. I have heard of rumours concerning the way in which some Gadhaffi soldiers have been treated, but I have no way of knowing whether such stories are true. The reason that I have my doubts stems from the fact that Daffy had ordered his regime people into civilian clothing. How would anyone know if the person being brutal was a member of the regime or a revolutionary if both are dressed in civilian clothing? On the other hand there is clear evidence that Gadhaffi regime soldiers have indeed butchered their opponents, shooting them in the back, and shooting any wounded who would not swear loyalty to Gadhaffi. My question is: was General Younes behind these stories of brutality committed by revolutionaries? Where exactly did these incidents take place?

In this difficult situation it is hard to determine the truth. Those stories seem to fly in the face of the other stories where it is clearly indicated that regime soldiers have been treated humanely as doctors worked on the soldiers to heal their wounds, especially in Misrata. It also flies in the face of stories indicating that rather than the bodies of regime soldiers being left, they had been gathered up and given a proper burial, at least in Misrata. However, what about in Zintan and in the western mountains?

There have been stories out of Benghazi indicating that someone had been going around using summary justice against people known to have committed brutal acts but who had switched to the revolutionary side. Several of these people had been killed, but I have not seen any story that indicates that the people responsible have been found and dealt with by the NTC. At some point there has to be a reckoning over such activity, but then again, this is civil war, and people get killed.

At this stage it is too difficult to tell whether or not the death of General Younes is significant or not. If it was the work of Gadhaffi agents as claimed by Jalil, then fine, but if not, then someone has to come clean about how the three men died.



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