Who killed General Younes?

This is a somewhat searching question, because it goes to the heart of some of the difficulties that will be faced by the National Transitional Council as well as the newly formed nation of Libya when Gadhafi is finally given the boot. One very important issue is that of the role of Islamists in the revolutionary movement. Is it a minor role, or are Islamists a major part of the whole movement?

The finger for the killing of General Younes has been pointed at an Islamist group that has been working on the front near Brega, and because of his background, they have never trusted the General. Tripoli in their arrogance and delight over the assassination of General Younes pointed the finger at one of the Islamists by the name of Fawzi Bu Kitf, the head of the Union of Revolutionary Forces (I assume that he is an Islamist), but Kitf was very quick to step back and name the suspect as Mustafa al-Rubh, the commander who was sent to fetch Younes from the Brega front.

It has now been revealed that General Younes was killed on the way to Benghazi, at a farmhouse, where his body was riddled with bullets and then set alight. It has not been revealed as to why Mustafah al-Rubh carried out this execution. Perhaps it has something to do with that distrust. So long as the National Transitional Council conduct a proper enquiry and a proper court to hear the case against this person, and to take necessary steps to punish the perpetrator, it is all that is necessary right now.

However, I want to remind people of the existence of a group, the Feb 17 group, who have been singling out those who had worked for the Regime before they became revolutionaries, and who have summarily executed these people. This is a rogue group that is causing disruption for the NTC. On top of that, a group of people have managed to release more than 300 regime soldiers and helped them to escape. Again the NTC need to find these people and deal with them. It is not good to have this kind of activity going on, because the regime will use it for propaganda purposes. These groups are working at cross-purposes to those who desire to be rid of the Daffy Duck regime.

Also, looking back in history will help explain why there are Islamists in Libya who are active amongst the revolutionaries. It is all about king Idris who was a member of the Sanusi. The grandfather and father of Idris belonged to a school of thought that was Wahibbi, and who were suspicious of westerners. The grandfather adapted the Sufi form of Islam, but without the dervishes, which was a part of his school of followers. Since Libya desired to be freed from Italian colonialism, he chose to help the British and the French during the second world war. Many of the people in Benghazi are from families who helped the British and the French during that period. The British and French helped the Libyans to gain their independence from Italy. It should be noted that it was the east of Libya, i.e. Benghazi and surrounding areas that wanted to be a free country, whereas the Warfilla tribe and the tribe to which Daffy Duck belongs were happy to subvert and have Italy as their masters. General Younes was amongst those who took part in the coup against Idris that saw Daffy Duck seize the leadership in Libya. It is quite understandable that many in Benghazi did not trust him.

Tribalism is very strong in Libya. The Islamists actually come from locations within the east of Libya that are associated with the Sanusi – this includes Derna which has a large number of Islamists, but who do not like being tarred with the brush that names them as AQ sympathisers. The biggest fear for the NTC is the possibility of tribal conflict as  direct result of the assassination of General Younes. The conflict might yet be avoided, since even members of the Obeidi tribe were suspicious of him.




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