Why did they think that this would not happen?

Well it is no surprise that the Islamists in Egypt have begun to show their true intentions. Reuters reports that more than 30 groups pulled out of Friday’s rally at Tahrir square because it was being dominated by Islamists. It would seem that the liberals who teamed up with this other group were punked – big time.

Muslim Brotherhood have been pretending about their intentions. However, if people had been paying attention to what was being said at the time of the initial demonstrations, they should have realized that MB and the Salafists were using taqiyya in order to gain an advantage.

Thousands of Salafists or Islamists turned out for the rally. They carried signs that were ominous with regard to the possible future direction in Egypt – Sharia law. The Salafists want Islam to be above everything else. What this means in the long term is that women can kiss good-bye any future education. They will have to get used to wearing those ugly sacks called the burqa. They will need to get used to the idea of being man-handled and mistreated by men who will ensure that the word of a woman is about half that of the word of a man. These women will lose all of their hard won rights. It will be a result of their own stupidity in pushing for the ousting of Muburak.

In other words the Arab Spring has gone past summer and is now heading into a chilly winter.


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