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Human Rights report that is worth reading (and possibly believing)

I will be up front and state that I am less likely to believe anything that comes from the organization known as Human Rights Watch, and that this is based upon the ideology of the members of that group. I … Continue reading

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The nine lives of Khamis Gadhafi

As every cat knows, those 9 lives soon run out!!  In this case I have seen at least 3 reports on the death of Khamis Gadhafi. The first one, was the rumour that a pilot had crashed into the Gadhafi … Continue reading

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Coming to light – the brutality of the last days of the Daffy Duck regime

Whilst there are reports of the opposition forces having committed atrocities, none of those reports have been backed up with solid evidence. Once that happens, then I will be happy to blog about those particular atrocities. In the meantime, there … Continue reading

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Will they or won’t they?

A spokesman has stated that the rebels will not give up Meghari for extradition to either the USA or to the UK. In some respects I agree with their reasoning. He was tried and convicted, and he spent time in … Continue reading

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Repression of the people led to the revolution

It is odd how everyone on the Left were falling over themselves about the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, and especially in Egypt where in fact it was the young people of the Left that had started the protests, yet these … Continue reading

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Trying to understand the history of Libya

The more that I am learning about the nature of Libyans in Benghazi and in Tripoli, the more I see that there are many people who have no real understanding of a people who have been deprived of their liberty … Continue reading

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The battle for Abu Salim and some grisly scenes

As the opposition forces in Libya continue to turn their attention to finding Daffy Duck, there have been some very disturbing reports coming out of Tripoli. There is mounting evidence that both sides are guilty of war crimes. Specifically, dead … Continue reading

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Both sides are guilty of abuses

The siege and uprising in Tripoli has led to a fresh round of accusations of abuse. There is blame on both sides. Opposition fighters that had been captured and placed in Abu Salim prison were tortured and prior to the … Continue reading

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Hostage crises are over

There had been 2 crises involving foreign journalists in Tripoli. The first crisis involved a group of about 30 journalists who had been trapped at the Rixos Hotel. Thankfully they were finally released unharmed. One of the women amongst those … Continue reading

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Developing: possible hostage crisis in Tripoli

There are 35 journalists at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli. They have been forced to stay in the hotel by the regime. From the beginning they have been used as hostages, but most people would not have recognized that this … Continue reading

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