Benghazi begins to purge the Daffy Duck loyalists

The assassination of General Younes seems to have been a catalyst with unintended consequences. Despite the spin that some are placing upon that particular event – he was considered as a traitor – his death unleashed an action that took the NTC by surprise. That event was a prison breakout. This in turn has led to the rounding up of Daffy Duck loyalists within the ranks of the revolutionaries.

It now seems obvious that Daffy Duck had tried to get the upper hand by having his loyalists infiltrate the ranks of the “rebels” who had been fighting to oust Daffy Duck. The assassination of General Younis has indeed shaken the NTC and the prison break out made matters worse. So far at least 4 “rebels” have died in the fighting that has taken place in order to round up these enemies.

Libya’s shaken rebels are trying to rid their ranks of enemies after the assassination last week of their military chief, Abdel-Fattah Younes. The leadership insists the slaying was the work of Gaddafi’s regime, but several witnesses have said Younes was killed by fellow rebels.


As officials pieced together events leading up to Sunday’s gun battle, they announced that a faction of fighters called al-Nidaa was actually made up of Gaddafi loyalists posing as rebels. The revelation could raise questions about the loyalty of over rebel factions and sap the movement of much-needed unity in its push to topple Gaddafi nearly six months after the revolt began.

Suspicions about al-Nidaa were confirmed, a rebel security leader said, when intelligence officials determined the group was behind two prison break’s on Friday in the rebels’ de facto capital of Benghazi that freed 200 to 300 inmates, including pro-Gaddafi mercenaries, fighters and other regime loyalists.

“These people took advantage of the chaos that resulted from the killing of Younis and entered and attacked the military prison and the (civilian) Kuwaitiya prison,” said the rebel’s deputy interior ministry, Mustafa al-Sagezli.

According to this new report, the group of regime infiltrators has been identified:

Opposition officials said that at least 63 members of a militia suspected of acting as a “fifth column” for the Libyan leader had been rounded up.


The Katiba Yussef Shakir group was accused of staging a raid on a prison in Benghazi, the opposition’s de-facto capital in eastern Libya, on Sunday. More than 300 inmates with alleged ties to the regime were able to escape during a five-hour battle during which four rebels and five members of the militia were killed.


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