The winter of my discontent

Ha, and you thought that this is going to be about the cold, long winter we are having in Canberra. Well, no, it is not… but it is about how the Arab Spring in Egypt is now becoming a festering sore and the spring has not lasted.

What the liberal and leftist elements in Egypt did not recognise is that the majority of people are strong in their faith, and by that I mean that they put Islam first. This explains why there is so much strength for those who are Salafists and belong to Muslim Brotherhood. The army is in charge, and the liberals who have been occupying Tahrir square were firmly under the impression that the people were on their side, however, as the Wall Street Journal reports, they were wrong.

The army and a group of other Egyptians have broken up the group camped out in the square, with the army beating them, and throwing their belongings in a garbage truck. Other people came along to help the army and to send the message that the people of Egypt want stability, and they want to see a return of the tourists as well as economic stability.

The liberal activists have been making a lot of demands and the poor little darlings are upset because the pace of reforms has been slow. They want Hosni Muburrak to go on trial… well I am hoping that Muburrak will die before that happens!!¬† The people are clearly against them, and this was emphasised when the Islamists who marched last Friday sidelined the movement that sparked the whole thing.

It looks like they have received a real dose of reality, and a cold bucket of water, because their Arab spring has now begun to turn into a winter. If the MB win the elections in November then it will be a long cold winter as a stark reality starts to dawn that Muslim Brotherhood means enslavement, and that Muburrak had been keeping them from that particular enslavement… they really are foolish.



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