The battle for Zlitan

The news regarding Zlitan in Libya keeps on see-sawing. Earlier this week I saw a report that stated the rebels had made progress, and that Daffy Duck loyalists were in retreat. Next came the news that a woman and three children had been killed in a strike (no doubt this is due to the husband using his wife and children as human shields), with the regime taking journalists on an excursion from Tripoli to prove that Daffy Duck was still in control.

Today the news is that Daffy’s youngest son Khamis, who has been directing the militia in Zlitan was killed, along with 30 others during a NATO raid. The information has come from people who are acting in a capacity that is not exactly loyal to Daffy Duck.

The last time that a Daffy Duck son was claimed to be killed there was a burial but there was no real proof that the person buried was in fact Saif al-Arab, as was claimed. However, if it was true that Saif al-Arab died, then it was definitely good riddance to bad rubbish. This particular son had run foul of the law in Germany. He was recalled to Libya at the beginning and was involved in a command and control position, even though the Daffy regime will try to claim that this was not the case.  Khamis Gadhafi has been in charge of a military elite unit. He is the one who has been shelling Misrata, and is no doubt responsible for the placing of landmines in Misrata harbour, as well as being responsible for the other atrocities that have been committed in Misrata against the residents of that city. If indeed he has been killed, then likewise, it is good riddance to bad rubbish.



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