Is final victory in sight?

The news on Libya is all over the place at the present time. The BBC reports that the “rebels” are claiming to hold Zawiyah. If this is really true, then they are getting closer to Tripoli with the big and final battle to come. The rebels are also claiming to have seized Zlitan. I hope it is true this time.

If this is actually true, then Daffy is being surrounded on several fronts, as the rebels continue to inch closer to Tripoli. If it is true this time, then it is very likely that Khamis Gadhafi was killed, per the claims previously made that he was killed in a NATO raid on Zlitan. The fact that the loyalists have begun to fall over rapidly is possible proof of the death of Khamis. To date I have seen nothing to verify that Khamis was killed, only the claim that was originally made. Everything needs to be verified. Also, it has been claimed that a cousin or was it a brother of Mousa Ibrahim was killed at Zawiyah. Ibrahim blames NATO for the death, if it happened, but it is another one that needs to be verified because Mousa Ibrahim has won the Baghdad Bob award for his comments to the foreign journalists.

If indeed Zawiyah has fallen back into the hands of the “rebels”, then it is a big victory. It means that Tripoli has been cut off from its supply route via Tunisia.

On the other hand the Baghdad Bob of Tripoli, Moussa Ibrahim, in true Baghdad Bob fashion is claiming that the loyalists have the upper hand. Hmmm… would the rebels and the people of Zawiyah be celebrating if Daffy Duck troops have not been pushed out of that city?

My question at this time is: Does Daffy Duck have adequate forces to launch a counter-strike? If Khamis is dead, then is there anyone else who is ruthless enough to launch a new offensive?

As well as Zawiyah and Zlintan, the “rebels” are claiming that they have captured the port city of Brega. If this is the case, then the big march is well and truly on. However, the claim has not been independently confirmed, which means that the battle that has been raging in Brega might not be over, as claimed. We shall have to wait and see.

The latest defection from the Daffy Duck regime is his former deputy, Abdel Salam Jalloud. This is another, like the late General Younes who was a part of the group who helped Daffy Duck attain power during the coup against king Idris. (I find it interesting that now that General Younes is dead, the rebels have made so many advances. It opens up a number of questions about the nature of the leadership of General Younis. I am not stating that the assassination of Younes was appropriate. What I am suggesting is that General Younes was deliberately sending mixed signals to ensure a Daffy Duck victory). 



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