Opposition forces reach Green Square – it is renamed Martyrs Square

According to Reuters, the opposition forces have reached Green Square in Tripoli and hoisted their flag. It needs to be pointed out that the flag being used by the rebels is the old Libyan flag. Its history is a proud one because it is the flag of Libya under their king Idriss, the man who was deposed by Daffy Duck in a bloodless coup. It represents the old Libya as a free state. Gadhafi had actually changed the name of Libya to the Socialist Republic of Libya, which was a name opposed by many in the population. His Green Book, which resembles the Little Red Schoolbook by Chairman Mao was another thing that was hated. This is why, as the opposition forces took over various towns the hated green flag was removed and the old Libyan flag has been hoisted in its place. This flag represents a change in Libya’s outlook at direction, at least for the time being.

The real problem at the present time is getting accurate information. The Libyan “government” information has continued to be exaggerated. From the start when the claims of civilian deaths from bombing raids were wildly exaggerated, there have been claims and counter claims. Over and over again the Gadhafi regime have proved themselves to be liars, and it seems that as the end game is being played out, there is no change as to the exaggeration. On the one had Hugo Chavez, a friend of Gadhafi has made outrageous claims of bombing raids by NATO. On the other hand, the opposition forces have indicated that Gadhafi has continued to target his own people, shelling hospitals and homes because people have been defying him.

We will not know the truth until Gadhafi is captured. Only when there is real transition in Libya will we know for sure that the opposition really do want to be westernized (as far as they will allow) and that they want to have a democratic country. Maybe we cannot expect too much from them, but I have an inkling that the NTC at least is not aligned with Iran.

This coming week will be vital in the battle for Tripoli and an end to the murderous regime of Moammar Gadhafi.




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