Developing: possible hostage crisis in Tripoli

There are 35 journalists at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli. They have been forced to stay in the hotel by the regime. From the beginning they have been used as hostages, but most people would not have recognized that this was the case.

Underneath the Rixos hotel there are bunkers that lead to the Daffy Duck compound. It is possible that Daffy and his family are in a bunker not far from the secret entrance in the hotel. What has developed, however, is probably the most chilling since the beginning of the battle to oust Daffy Duck.

Over the weekend the minders disappeared, the translators disappeared, and other hotel staff have slipped away. Mousa Ibrahim, the relative of Gadhafi has taken of with his German wife and their child. The journalists are surrounded by regime gunmen, and they are now quite literally in a hostage situation.

You can read about the latest on this news here.



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