Both sides are guilty of abuses

The siege and uprising in Tripoli has led to a fresh round of accusations of abuse. There is blame on both sides. Opposition fighters that had been captured and placed in Abu Salim prison were tortured and prior to the flight of their guards, they were killed via hand grenades being thrown into their cells. Some of the bodies of these opposition fighters were found to have their hands tied behind their backs and a bullet through the back of their heads.

There are reports of opposition fighters from Zawiyah abusing mercenary regime fighters that had been captured. This is very disappointing, but not surprising.

As well as this report about abuse in Zawiyah, the body of “civilians” have also been found in the middle of Tripoli with their hands tied behind their backs and bullets to their heads. This was a group that had pitched their tent close to the Daffy Duck compound. Again, this is very disappointing, and it is a blot as far as these people are concerned.

I have a duty to take a neutral stance and to report the abuses on both sides in the conflict.



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